Which Circumcision Technique is Best For Your Baby?


There are three main types. These are Plastibell (or Mogen clamp), and Dorsal slit. You will find the right technique for you baby. To make a dorsal-slit, first remove the foreskin and extend it over the penis. The appropriate sized “bell”, according to the size, is placed on top of the penis. The foreskin of the penis is then pulled up above the bell using a string. A doctor then removes the skin near the ligature. The tissue under the “bell”, slowly dies and the skin and bell come off together.


Plastibell circumcision is a modern form of the Gomco clamp method. It involves removing the foreskin and clamping the melbourne circumcision. The surgeon then removes the foreskin using a scalpel. Plastibell technique is another similar technique. This involves placing a small plastic bell under your foreskin and fastening it with a suture. The surgeon will then place the child in a restraint while the procedure is being performed.circumcision technique

Plastibell circumcision has many benefits. It is far more user-friendly than traditional methods. It is also comfortable and doesn’t require stitches or antibiotics. It is much easier to apply, particularly for young children. Although the end result is good, a child might notice a little pain at the circumcision site. For example, a boy that actively requests the procedure will feel less pain than one who is not consulted or opposed it.

Plastibell ring has been linked to multiple risks. In one study, a Plastibell ring retained near the glands in nine percent of infants. Another study found that the ring could remain in the child’s skin and may need to be removed. This can also be due to excessive strain on the foreskin from the Plastibell device engagement. Plastibell rings can be retained by choosing a smaller or larger Plastibell model.

Mogen clamp

Mogen clamp circumcision involves the use of a single-use instrument, the Unicirc. The Unicirc must be attached to the penile. Then the surgeon pulls the foreskin away from the penile shaft and injects local anaesthetic. The foreskin is then pulled across a tube, exposing glans Penis. After positioning the clamp in place, the surgeon attaches the blades to the clamp using screws or pins.

In a comparison of the two methods, the Mogen clamp circumcision technique showed fewer complications and was associated with less stress. Furthermore, it took less time and pain to perform the procedure. Orthodox Jews who prefer the more traditional design devices don’t like the Mogen Clamp technique. Dr. Tomlinson says that the Mogen clamp is used by only 10% to 20% percent of physicians. However, some mohels have started to use the Mogen clamp.

The Mogen clamp technique presents a low risk of complications. The only instruments required to perform the procedure are a blunt-edged probe and a straight Kelly hemostat. A scalpel is also needed. In addition, the Mogen clamp is suitable for small penis. The inflammation usually subsides in 72 hours. The Mogen clamp is an option if you want to circumcise a son.

Dorsal slit

There are two common methods for penis circution: the dorsal cut and the ring-block. The dorsal split circumcision technique requires that the penis’s foreskin is cut small. The dorsal slice is a very thin cut that extends just past the corona. Although the ring block technique is less delicate than the dorsal, it is still very effective.

The ring-like device used for the dorsal side slit circumcision technique significantly decreased wound healing time and scar depth. The new device was also able to reduce surgical time and intraoperative blood loss. Both methods had similar rates of satisfaction with the final appearance of the penis. Both methods were effective, but they had disadvantages. The study authors should be able to explain the pros and disadvantages of both methods.

Doctors can perform this procedure easily because of the ring-like structure in the penis. The dorsal side-slit circumcision method is safer than forceps guided circumcision. It also produces better results. The procedure is a minor procedure that does not affect the penis’ sensation or sexual pleasure. The doctor can also use this technique if the previous circumcision did not heal properly.