Types of Concrete Foundations

There are various types of concrete foundations. Concrete foundations are common in most
homes. These foundations are sufficient and can do a great job. You should consider installing a
slab foundation, or pier or column foundation for more difficult applications. A professional can
recommend the best foundation for you house based upon your needs and budget. Below are
some examples of concrete foundations. Here’s a quick overview of the advantages and
disadvantages of each.
Slab foundation: This type of concrete base is the simplest, most affordable and least
expensive. It does not require digging large holes or extensive excavations. This foundation is
often used for homes in desert areas or cold climates. To install a slab foundation you will need
to remove the top layer soil and then pour batter board. Concrete blocks or slabs can be poured
over a slab foundation. The disadvantages of this type of foundation are fewer, but they are
costly and are not suitable for homes where plumbing lines need to run.
Slab on grade Foundation: A slab on grade foundation can be more complex than it seems.
Slab-on-grade foundations are made with a layer beneath them of gravel. They are ideal for
climates without freezing ground, and can be insulated in order to resist frost. However, slab on
grade foundations may also be susceptible. Concrete is not recommended for these areas. You
may need to use a slab on grade foundation if you want to avoid flooding.
T-shape: T shaped foundations are the most popular type of concrete foundation. They are ideal

for areas where the ground freezes and puts a great amount of pressure on tall buildings. T-
shaped foundations have a footing that is below the frost line. This footing acts like an anchor for

the concrete foundation. An inverted T-shape concrete foundation adds additional support to the
Slab on grade: Another type of concrete foundation is the slab on grade. This type of foundation
is often used where freezing temperatures are common, such as Ohio. A slab-on-grade
foundation typically has one layer concrete and two layers insulation around the base. These
slabs can be vulnerable to frost, so it’s best to avoid these foundations if you’re in such areas.
These foundations can last for decades, which is a good thing.
Monolithic: This type of concrete foundation costs an average of $5,200 to $13,000, depending
on the type of concrete mix used. It is less labor-intensive and easier to put in. It does require
level ground and well-compressed soil. For areas higher than the floodplain, monolithic concrete
slabs may not be recommended. These slabs are ideal for homes with limited budgets. If you’re
a homeowner, choosing the right one is essential.