Choosing Paving Contractors

There are some key points to remember when selecting a contractor for paving. A paving
contractor’s work should be precise, durable, and attractive. It should also be completed within
the agreed timeframe and without causing any inconvenience to homeowners. Large-scale
projects are not always possible for all paving contractors. When choosing a contractor for
paving, be selective and find a team that can complete the job to your satisfaction.
Paving Contractors offer more than just services for driveways or parking lots. They also offer
value-added service to property owners and businesses. This results in industry participants
enjoying greater construction trends and a healthier overall economy. COVID-19 is expected not
to have a positive impact on demand growth in the future, but residential construction is
expected increase over the next few year. Accordingly, paving contractors will continue to grow
in the coming years.
When choosing a paving contractor, another factor to consider is their equipment. A paving
contractor requires large machines that can flatten soil surfaces. They may also have a concrete
truck on hand to ensure the concrete is ready to pour. Paving contractors also often use dump
trucks or tractors to transport materials. A paving contractor must be fully licensed to work on a
specific project. Some state associations may have minimum contract requirements that must be
met before a contractor is licensed.
James Bebo is the founder of Phillips Construction and guides the company’s executives in
fulfilling its mission. He strives to provide clients with exceptional quality paving work while also
focusing on sustainability and a healthy planet. This ethos is shared across the company, which

has led to major accolades. Phillips Construction was named among the top 5000 fastest-
growing U.S. companies in 2007 by Inc. magazine. It also received the honor of being one of the

most respected paving contractors in America.
Reputation is another important aspect to consider when choosing a contractor for paving.
Surface Masters is a family-owned company with over 30+ years of experience and one of the
most popular paving contractors in the U.S. It has been honored with numerous industry awards,
and is listed in Inc. magazine’s “5000 Fastest-Growing Companies”. The company’s
longstanding reputation for quality has contributed to its ranking as one of the top paving
contractors in the nation.
APCON Environmental Services is the largest contractor network in the country. The company
started out as a single crew, but it grew to become a full-fledged paving business. Today, the
company employs fifty employees and offers its services to all of Kansas’ major counties. Mike
Jaben (second-generation president) continues the family tradition. If you’re in search of a
paving contractor, make sure to find the best one!
Residential and commercial paving contractors typically offer their prices in the form of bids and
are generally hired as part of a larger project. They might also be hired to perform a specific task
such as pouring a driveway or fixing a structural problem. Landscape paving is another popular
specialty. This involves using stone products and poured finishes. Paving contractors might also
use excavators and other paving machines to complete the task.
Paving specialists are experts in the laws and regulations governing the construction of

pavements. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to avoid contract
violations. Contractors benefit from solid relationships in the industry. They can establish strong
relationships with other contractors, and gain a wider client list. In addition to this, they also help
contractors build rapport with their clients and increase referrals. They can also maintain their
good name. Lastly, paving contractors can help site developers develop a project’s aesthetic
appeal while also ensuring that it is finished on time.
Experienced paving contractors can also handle drainage issues. They should lay a foundation
that encourages drainage, and then design a slope to permit runoff. It is also important to
consult a professional about drainage plans. Make sure to get quotes from at least three
businesses. To avoid disappointment with the final results, it is important that you know the
details of the project before hiring a paving contractor. Once you have a clear idea of what you
want, you can choose a paving contractor who has a track record of success.